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About University

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2017 marks the 85th anniversary of the Dagestan State Medical University. This century is considered the century of maturity and wisdom, the realization of the hidden path and its further progress. Those people who were at the forefront of our wonderful institution should have had so many problems and experience! However, they experienced all the difficulties and succeeded in opening the Dagestan Medical Institute. Here are some of them: Muslim Yusupovich Nakhibashev, Omar Alievich Bairashevsky, Hadji Omarovich Bulach, Georgy Pavlovich Rudnev, Yakov Grigoryevich Savitsky, Peter Aristarkhovich Mavrodiadi, Anatoly Viktorovich Rossov and others.

In 1932, the Council of People’s Commissars adopted a historic decision to establish the Dagestan State Medical Institute with the aim of training medical personnel for Dagestan itself and other North Caucasian republics. Particular attention was paid to the training of medical personnel of indigenous peoples. Initially, the Dagestan State Medical Institute had a limited theoretical and clinical base and the only department of general medicine.

Each year, about 150 people are admitted to the first course at Dagestan State Medical University. The departments of the institute were mainly headed by candidates of science.

Over the years of its activity, our Medical Institute has experienced a period of the onset of hardship and deprivation, epidemic riots, famine and destruction brought by the Great Patriotic War, difficult years of post-war reconstruction and a period of severe reorganization. Dagestan State Medical University not only survived, but all this time the medical institute worked with exceptional dedication, strengthening its position and increasing its fame.

The peak of the development of the Medical Institute was in the 1970-1980s. In Dagestan State Medical University, a morphological building, educational laboratory facilities and a number of auxiliary institutions were built. The Republican Clinical Hospital has expanded significantly, and dental and pediatric departments began to work. All this allowed to open dental and pediatric departments. Qualified teaching staff of the Dagestan State Medical University has undergone a qualitative change. Almost all the departments were headed by doctors of science, professors, mainly those who were graduates of our institute.

Initially, the medical institute, and now the Dagestan State Medical University, previously participated, and is currently still involved in industry research, predicted by leading scientific institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Dagestan State Medical Institute has its unique history, glorious and good traditions, decades of experience in training and educating the specialists. All of this gives Dagestan State Medical Institute the right to be proud of its success and achievements in various medicine areas. In the history of  the Medical Institute were inscribed the names of educators and scientists whose creative, scientific and pedagogical authority contributed to its formation and development, its transformation into a large scientific and medical center of the North Caucasus. Rightfully Dagestan State Medical University takes its deserved place among the best Medical Universities of the Russian Federation.

Medical Schools enjoy a good reputation: the USSR MSA  Corresponding Member and Professor  R.P. Askerkhanov’s Surgical school , Professor  M.M. Maksudov’s Dental School, Professor  Kh. E. Gadghiev’s and the USSR State premium laureate Professor Shamov’s therapeutic schools , RMSA Corresponding Member, Professor  S.-M.A. Omarov’s Obstetricians and Gynecologists School.

Support and development of creativity and sport, young talents’ realization are traditionally in the focus of the University Administration.

Great attention is paid to the Medical University’s educational services scope expanding by reference to the Healthcare practical needs of the republic. Therefore, in recent years there have been 2 new faculties opened in Dagestan State Medical University: medical-prophylactic and pharmaceutical faculties, in which the medical science is developing rapidly and scientific researches are not only of practical importance, but also of fundamental one to obtain the international recognition. Dagestan Medical University’s scientists work closely together with the leading research centers in Russia and abroad.

Within a period of last 5 years the university staff members have published 101 monographs  , more than 60 textbooks and manuals with the signature stamp of the Russian Federation Educational Methodical Association of Health and Social Development, 3 textbooks with the signature stamp of the Federal Institute of Educational Development and about 260 teaching aids with a signature stamp  of the Central Coordinating Methodical Council of  Dagestan State Medical Academy.

A protection system of intellectual activity results (IAR) successfully operates at the Medical University. There also an electronic database of IAR has been created in Dagestan State Medical University. As well, every year scientists of Dagestan State Medical University receive more than 80 patents for inventions and about the same number of the certificates for utility models, which have been successfully implemented in practical public healthcare of Dagestan Republic, and delivered to the Russian medical market.

Annually more than 60 scientific innovations of our university staff workers are exhibited at the various exhibitions. Since 2001 the Internet classroom has been fruitfully worked, whereby researchers, teachers and students can conduct scientific research.

Over the past years DSMU has become a real school of the Medical Art. Dagestan State Medical University has graduated more than 27 000 doctors who work in all parts of our country, and hold political office. Many of them are known far beyond the borders of the republic. DSMU graduates honestly fulfill their medical obligations, they contribute their knowledge and ability to the people health promotion, constantly improves their skills, keep gratitude to their teachers.

At DSMU has been formed a highly qualified teaching staff, which is characterized by high professionalism and dedication to their profession. It supports and develops the traditions established by the university old-stagers. There are 706 teachers working at the university, including 66 Professors, 179 Associate Professors, 418 Candidates of Medical Sciences, and 116 Doctors of Medical Sciences.

Referring to the percentage of teachers with scientific degrees (74.7%), Dagestan State Medical University is at the same level with the Russian central medical universities.

During its progressive development, Dagestan State Medical University has become a multi-functional institution. There are 75 departments in the structure of DSMU. Every department cherishes the names of those who have written glorious pages in the history of the Medical University. They did not built themselves pyramids of copper and did not set bronze obelisks. Their inheritance has been contained in their works, books, and textbooks. The memory of them will remain forever.

Reflecting on the ongoing changes, the medical university staff realizes that it is about to enter a new era in which the new realities and new challenges are expected, and that the main responsibility for the future of the staff of Dagestan State Medical University is to leave behind a generation of educated professionals, strong research schools aiming at creativity and knowledge. So that, today the university staff sees its mission not only in the training the highly qualified personnel, but also in the active participation in the public health system reforming, entrenchment of the information technologies in the educational, medical and scientific processes.

The present DSMU scientist’s team has a great intellectual potential, significant experience of scientific, clinical, and innovation activities.

Currently, Dagestan State Medical University is a large educational, scientific and medical center. The structure of Dagestan State Medical University consists of 5 departments. DSMU has its own large enough base for fundamental and practical disciplines, an extensive network of all profiles clinical sites (over than 40) , 75 departments, headed by Doctors and Professors. The structure of Dagestan State Medical University also includes Research Institute of  human ecology of mountainous territories, consultative-diagnostic clinic, medical college,  employment center for the university graduates, information and computer department, logistical support center, an analytical department, internet center, scientific medical library, sports complex, publishing and polygraphic center.

Today, Dagestan State Medical University is a recognized center of the innovative education, science and culture of the region. DSMU retains the best native traditions and enriches them with a new experience of the world educational and scientific space.

S.N. Mammaev,
rector of DSMU,

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