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Since the opening of the Faculty a lot of high quality pharmacists graduated with higher pharmaceutical education, who can work in offices of pharmacy networks, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies. From 1 to 3 courses, students study the humanitarian, socio-economic and natural – scientific, mathematical and medical-biological disciplines (philosophy, bioethics, pedagogics, psychology, pharmacy history, biophysics, mathematics, computer science, chemical disciplines, physiology, anatomy, biology and microbiology, etc.).

At the undergraduate they study professional disciplines (pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry, pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacognosy). The greatest attention is paid to the study of management and economics of pharmacy, medical and pharmaceutical merchandising, management, marketing and other disciplines, contributing to the training of specialists to meet the modern requirements of the pharmaceutical market.

Educational and industrial practice is carried out in collaboration with pharmaceutical institutions and organizations where the students get the skills of organization of pharmaceutical business.

Students of the faculty take an active part in sports competitions, and amateur. Many graduates of faculty work in retail establishments of Moscow and other Russian regions. Dean of the Faculty since its opening and till 2008 worked as head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Ministry of Health chief clinical pharmacologist RD, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Dagestan, PhD, Associate Professor Tina Magomedovich Abdurakhmanov. From 2008 to 2014 was dean of the faculty the Associate Professor of skin diseases Aminat Magomedovna Magomedova and from 2014 to the present dean is Associate Professor, Department of General and Biological Chemistry Madina Magomedovna Gazimagomedova.

The organization of educational process at the Pharmaceutical Faculty in accordance with the charter of the DSEA, applicable regulations, the position of faculty, professional educational program. Education students is determined by the state educational standards of higher professional education (SES HPE).

The curriculum of the specialty “Pharmacy” set the duration of study, full-time – 5 years with a total labor input of 300 credits. Training GOS VPO plan fully reflects the component of the state educational standards, as supplemented by the regional component, includes elective courses students and fully complies with HPE in terms of total hours. _All subjects of the curriculum have the final form of control, which meet the requirements of an exemplary curriculum. The training program has a list of mandatory and additional literature. The academy library there contains enough literature, certain licensing requirements and complies with the degree of the novelty. There are control tasks for the intermediate and final control on the relevant departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy such as examinations and tests.

Practical-Laboratory Center of the Faculty of Pharmacy allows you to organize the educational process in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards of higher professional education. All natural sciences provided by laboratory workshops. Teaching laboratories are equipped with expensive laboratory furniture, microscopes, spectrophotometers, polarography, photoelectrocolorimeter, refractometer, other complex technological equipment. A major role is given to carry out educational and industrial practices and a chain of pharmacies (“MFS” and “Tselitel”) is used to pass these practices. On these bases, students study the activity of the analytical and production departments, the organization process. A base of the Railway Hospital in the city of Makhachkala is used for the medical practice. A major help in the organization of practical training on botany and pharmacognosy provides Mountain Botanic Garden, Dagestan Scientific Center, RAS, Caspian Institute of Biological Resources, Dagestan Scientific Center, RAS and Botanical Garden DSU donated by laboratories and production areas.

Number of basic textbooks in the University according to the titles and number of copies has been brought to levels that comply with minimum standards of security institutions of higher education training base. Since 2006, the library is a member of the consortium DSMA of creating a database “Rossiyskaya meditsina” which allows using of the database of the central scientific library of medicine of the federal medical institutes. Also, the library has e-mail and computer education programs.

All Departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy are equipped with computers. There are places with Internet access for work with information databases for students and staff of the Medical University.

There were established laboratory classes for subjects such as physical and colloid chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, pharmacognosy to implement professional training programs for the “Pharmacy” specialty. To date, material and technical equipment of educational process on the specialty 33.05.01 (060301) “Pharmacy” is sufficient and meets the licensing requirements.

The faculty created _ an educational and methodical commission on specialty disciplines and professional curriculum to guide the “Pharmacy”.

During the period of 2011-2015 there were prepared training manuals for the main sections of the program. All disciplines are provided with educational complex.

The educational work is an integral part of training process. The educational work with students through the learning process is carried out at each department of the faculty. Teachers conduct classes in such way so that students simultaneously with the knowledge have got a responsible attitude towards the future work _ and diligence in solving practical tasks.

Lecture and athletic bases of the Medical University are used for outside training and educational work with students without any restrictions. The organization of aesthetic education of students is of great importance. Many students of pharmaceutical faculty enthusiastically take part in amateur groups and sports activities. The best students will be awarded certificates, awards and scholarships.

The development of the educational activities of the Faculty is closely connected with the need to strengthen scientific, fundamental and exploratory research _ in both industry topics Health Ministry and the regional programs. The structure, which organizes the scientific activities of students are the student scientific groups, where good achievers are engaged. The desire of students to demonstrate their creativity, as well as a serious approach of the students to the selection of the themes for the scientific work leads to notable success. The level and the quality of knowledge of the graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Dagestan State Medical University, organization of educational process, methodical support, formulation of educational work meets all the requirements, which are provided for the students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty.